Processor for Audio Refinement Multi-5 power amp

I have Audio Refinement Multi-5 power amp and are looking for a processor/preamp to match it. Currently, I am using Integra DTR 6.5 A/V receiver as processor/preamp, Mordaunt Short 908 & 905 as front and center speaker. Mirage Onmisat as surround speaker. I want to create either 6.1 or 7.1 system.

In addition, I am thinking to get a Rega Appolo CD player.

Budget for the processor/preamp is about $2000 to $2500

Any recommendation.
You might take a look at the Arcam AVP700. It's in your price range, and has HDMI switching and its audio side is absed on the higly acclaimed AVR300 receiver.
Thanks for the advise. In fact, I just brought an AVP700. I am thinking to do the bi-amping. Did anyone know if I can use the zone 2 output to connect an additional power amplifier and bi-amp the front L & R channels?

I understand ARCAM suggests to use channel 6 & 7 to bi-amp the front L & R but I want to keep 7.1 system.

Appreciate any advise and comment!
Just ran across this post. Did you ever try the bi-amp option? I also have the AVP-700, but have never tried this option. But, per the manual two of the rear channels can be used for this purpose. Outputs the same signal that is fed to the main channels.