Processor as a DAC for music?

Any suggestions as far as using a HT processor as a dac and preamp for 2 channel playback?

Short list is

Proceed AVP- AVP2
Outlaw 990
B&K 50

Thanks for you help!
I've been very happy with the Proceed PAV/PDSD pre/pro for this application. I understand that the single chassis AVP-2 is as good, and perhaps better with newer DACs, but the AVP is not.

I second the theta casa nova as it is a excellant performer; the bass management and crossover selections are the best I have ever used;if you can find one with the circle surround option you can't go wrong.
Exactly the direction I am considering. It appears one can get a high quality pre with a modern DAC at a discounted price due to the rapidly changing HT market.