Proceed VS. Wadia

I was hoping to get opinions of the audio geniuses out there. I am wanting a comparison of two DAC's, being Proceed PDP, and the Wadia 12. I know Wadia makes excellent products, as does Madrigal. I am just wanting to know if they are on an equal level as far as build quality, sonics, etc. Any input would be appreciated.
Wow John you were reading my mind. I was thinking about inquiring about the same subject. Anyhow are we stil on for mon? Thanks Bret
Hi, I have owned the Proceed PDT3 and am now a wadia user. (27ix). I always liked the Proceed but the Wadia 25 and up all bettered the Proceed. However, the Wadia 12 in stock form was not as detailed as the Proceed but had better bass than the PDP3. I suggets you contact Steve Huntley at Great Northern sound. He does upgades on audio equipment and would probably offer better advice than I can. By the way, the PDP2 was not as good as the Wadia 12.