Proceed vs. McIntosh

Looking to upgrade my rotel multichannel amp to either the Proceed amp 5 or the McIntosh 7106. Will be used with Meridian 561 and B&W signature 805 HT system. Any suggestions regarding the two are appreciated.
I guess you know Proceed is out of business. I am not sure how well Harmon is doing with maintenance on them but thought I would mention it in case you don't know.

You are comparing two pretty different approaches so it will depend on your taste for music and system synergy. I compared a Proceed system to a McIntosh system on the same Paradigm Ref. 100.2 and found the Proceed to be "drier" and the McIntosh "more involving." The Mc7106 is very versatile with 2-channel bridging capability. I had a 7100 for a while (which is 1/3 of a 7106) and really liked it although I found the 7200 has definately more detail and resolution. However, when it comes to making music, all the McIntoshes are very strong. Good luck! Arthur
They are honoring the warrantees.