proceed vs. aragon vs. parasound preamps

any one of these clearly better? proceed pre, aragon 28k, parsound p/ld 2000. Would be used with aragon palladium II monoblocks and B&W 801 matrix. or possibly krell kbl, krc, but has to be under $1000. thanks for any experience or suggestions.
I have a Proceed PRE that I am struggling to sell as HSG has decided to discontinue the brand.Good amp but I went back to the tubes on the pre amp stage.Proceed PRE good buy used now,going cheaply.
Try valves on the pre amp stage as an alternative to the above mentioned choices.
Personally, I think the Parasound P/LD-2000 is the best overall sounding solid-state preamp under $1,000.00 and even above! I have tried out many with my JC-1 monoblock amps, and it is clearly superior, with the JC-1's at least.
It is extremely dynamic, musical, full-bodied, open, and very extended at both ends of the spectrum, and has excellent imaging and detail. A bargain! I got mine for $450.00! Now, I cannot say or predict how the Parasound would match-up or sound with your Palladium II monoblocks or B&W speakers. I would highly recommend trying one out, however!
I have not tried one, but I have also read that the Odyssey Tempest is an excellent sounding preamp. They retail for around a grand, I think?
Hope this helps.
The 28K is getting blown out the doors at about $750. Check with Audio Advisor. I don't know if that affects your decision. I have several Aragon power amps, and I'm convinced that they're built like tanks. Very pleased with them.