Proceed Transport & Kora DAC compatability problem

I just bought the new Kora Hermes DAC and have run into a problem. I have a Proceed PMDT transport and the Kora is not reading the output from the transport. It will not play using the PMDT. I hooked it up to an inexpensive Phillips CDR and using the digital out it plays fine. Is anyone aware of this problem and if so is there a solution short of getting a different transport or returning the KORA. You help is appreciated.
I had clock lock-up problems with 3 different transports..get rid of the Kora. They are extremly OVER-RATED!The new Bel canto is maybe one you should audition...and it is less money.
If you are hooking the Proceed to another digital input at the same time this could the your problem for example a cd recorder. Have you tried the Proceed with another DAC. I have a Kora and mate it tothe Electrocompaniet with excellent results - no noise of any kind. It is not over-rated at all. Only a person who doesn't have one or hasn't heard one could say that.
I have determined that there is nothing wrong with the Kora. The problem is with the PMDT. The settings on the PMDT were the problem. I changed the CD record setting to yes and the Kora is working perfectly. The Kora sounds awesome. I am very happy with it and it is just breaking in. Thanks for all of your suggestions.
Fantastic! Glad to hear that you've solved the problem and you're already liking the sound. Mine has about 200 hours on it now and I love it. In a few months I'm gonna start experimenting with different 6922 tubes to see if I can improve the Kora even more. Enjoy!
Gunbei, what tubes are you about to try? I was thinking of going to the Siemens NOS.