Proceed/Sim Audio synergy???

Currently have a Proceed AVP2 matched with a Sim Audio Titan amp. The laid back sound of the Proceed matched very well with my previous Bryston amps. I like a forward presentation with the vocals in the front row. Now with the Proceed/Sim Audio combo, they seem to be somewhere in the back. Is there another pre/pro out there that can give me what i want. Maybe the Sim Audio Attraction?
I think the Attraction will be even more of a laid back presentation than the AVP. You may want to consider something like a Krell HTS 7.1.
I have heard that the Krells are very dynamic. I have a demo at the dealer where I will be looking at the Classe and the Krell. What do you think about the Showcase and then a dedicated pre?
I have the Titan and I have just switched to the Attraction 7.1. They are great together! The Attraction ealily beat my previous processors (Bryston, Classé and EAD Ovation) These three ain't bad, it is just that the synergy is better with the Attraction. Don't know about the Proceed but I think that the Attraction is tough to beat with his mate the Titan.

Would you say the vocals are laid back or are they front and center?
In my setup, they sound front and center.

Have you compared to the Krells?
Why doesn't Audiogon list Moon or Attraction in its manufacturer's list ... can't get comps on any of it!
Moon is a Sim Audio brand name and the Attraction is one of there AV products.

I owned the Procees AVP processor and replaced it with the Krell HTS 7.1 processor. I found the Krell had more detail.

I also own the Sim Audio Titan amp, and like the sound... I just wish it was smaller. I'm looking at purchasing the Moon W-5 LE for the main speakers.