Proceed Pre vs. Today's preamps

How would you rate the Proceed Pre against many of today's $1500 - $3000 amplifiers
I used a Proceed PRE about 5 or 6 years ago. Since then I have had a VAC Standard (tube) and a McIntosh C42 (SS). Both of these preamps so outclassed the PRE it isn't funny. The PRE presented a very harsh metallic high end, mids weren't too lush. Had good bass response though. The VAC had a very lush tube sound, but bass was soft, rolling off a little too quick. The C42 is an amazing SS preamp. It has many of the qualities of a good tube preamp, but with tight bass and sweet extended highs. I would definitely look for a C42. You could probably get a used one for around $2000.
I agree with Smholl,of the many preamps I've owned it is the one I least enjoyed. Mainly for the same reasons,very harsh upper and mid response.
I have had my PRE about 2 years. I have been amazed as to how good it makes my Adcom 5802 sound. I do not have to blow my ears off to here all the music. Most or almost all must like them. I have almost never seen any of them for sale on Audiogon!!