Proceed PMDT vs CDP

I currently use a Sony 9000ES for CD/SACD/DVD source, but I am thinking of upgrading to either a Proceed PMDT CD/DVD or CDP CD. Does anyone have the experience with these units to advise regarding their comparitive ability for stereo music. I think I could connect the analog output of either unit with balanced lines to my Proceed PAV/PDSD.

The PMDT is a great sounding unit. However there are some
limitations. First, it is a transport only which means you
only get digital out (AES/EBU balanced, S/PDIF RCA, and
optical), you will need to use your digital input on your
processor. If you are going to use the PMDT for DVDs you
should know that some of the newer DVDs may not play
correctly. From experience, I would recommend that you get
the latest software for the unit too (revision 3.0 or 3.01). And of course, it does not play SACD or DVD-A. Good Luck!
You might be better by modding your sony by Allen Wright ( or other modder. I heard his work. The SCD-1 modded is awesome on sacd.
I responded to a post a while back that compared both units. here is my humble comparison/response.
I have the Sony DVP 9000ES and use as a back up.
My main system is:
Proceed PMDT Transport (Works Flawlessly)
Proceed AVP2 +6 Pre/Pro
Bryston 4BSST
Nautalis 802's
Transparent PowerBank XL
Transparent Reference Balanced MM interconnects
Transparent Ultra MM Speaker Cable

I read some of the posts and decided to due a comparison of the PMDT and Sony using Jeff Lorber - "The Definitive Collection"...I also listen to Jazz. The comparison was short lived. As one said, the Sony is lean and sterile...very little low end detail. The PMDT was transparent with great extension both ways. High quality components are worth the extra investment, although I to search for the nirvana that keeps me coming back for more. Like sand through your fingers.
Good Searching.
So would I be correct in assuming no one has experience with the Proceed CDP, only the PMDT? The reviews for both the CDP and PMDT individually are raves, but didn't compair the two.

Incidently, I have found the sound to be much more spacious and open if I use the digital out from the Sony S9000ES, and let the Proceed processor do D/A conversion than it is if I use the analog out and use the Sony DACs. That deficit seems to be eliminated with SACD, so Sony must have given more attention to those DACs.

I own both, the PMDT is in my home-system and the CDP is in my stereo set in my working room. I started with the CDP and a PAV, later I bought the PMDT with the AVP. For stereo the CDP/PAV combo was much nicer, more analog sounding then the PMDT/AVP. The CDP with the AVP is not the better combo as the AVP is a digital pre-amplifier so I didn't split these combo's. Later when I upgraded the AVP to a AVP2 the PMDT was much better sounding. It's the same as a ML390S and again later connected to a MLno40 it became better then the CDP/PAV combo. So the conclussion for me, is that it all depends on the DAC's you use. As a cd-player I still preffer the CDP, it even has HDCD, which came available much later with the AVP2 and no40 DAC's. . Then again if you want a cd-player which also playes dvd's then there is no choice, its the PMDT. Hope this help's
Thanks for your helpful response, Rxpx.

The Sony S9000ES seems to do a very good job of video and the sound that goes with movies, so I'm more concerned with stereo music. I suspect the CDP is likely to be an improvement over the Sony for stereo. I am particulary fond of classic, baroque (esp Corelli), and jazz.

I am most likely to stick with my PAV/PDSD, but may eventually move to an AVP2. I use Proceed Amp2 and Amp3 to drive a pair of KEF 104/2s, a KEF 200C, and a pair of KEF 102/2 surrounds, all biwired. A Velodyne HGS-15 handles everything below 80 Hz. Even with the Sony S9000ES, it's a very good sounding system, and I've heard lots of high end systems.