Proceed PCD 1 CD Player

Hi folks

Wonder if anyone knows where I might find a review of this player - it was new in 1992-ish!


I'm still using mine. Was reviewed in Stereophile and I believe it was earlier, maybe 1990. I no longer have the magazines so I can't tell you which month. Search their archives. This was Madrigal's first Proceed product and came out right around the time of the first Mark Levinson DA converters.
FWIW I happened into a PCD-2 in perfect condition with remote.... came with an entire system. I bought years ago..nice CD player, even given the age.

I sold it as I was concerned of the age of the component, then spent $2K to improve on sound (went to a Linn Ikemi). If I had my hindsight, which you never do, I would have kept the PCD 2 until it died (I sold it for ~$450) and worried about another player then.

I can't help you with the reviews, but for me the PCD-2 was pretty smooth when I owned it..... then again I have taken this hobby up a few notches since then so.....

Thanks for the thoughts - I've emailed Stereophile as I couldn't find the review on line.

As for performance I a/b'd the PCD against a Levinson 390s quite recently and there wasn't a significant difference!


The review mentioned above is reportedly in the Stereophile Issue Vol. XIII no. 2 which I think may be Jan 1990, but the article itself does not seem to be on their (excellent) site.

If anyone could let me have a copy of the article by email that would be wonderful!

thanks again Audiogon!