Proceed HPA or Emotiva XPA2

I realize these are very different amps but am a little concerned about the age of the Proceed and would love to hear any opinions. They will be driving Revel Studios (1s) in a combined HT and Music setup. Budget is around $1k. Thanks
Proceed will be difficult/impossible to service and if possible, very expensive. Do a search on Proceed or old Levinson/Madrigal gear to read about servicing issues.
You cannot go wrong with the Emotiva XPA-2. It is a very
powerful & clean sounding amp. I have come back to it
now three separate times and will be hanging onto it.
I hear you can increase it's performance with a fuse
tweak. I'm not sure but I think it has 5 or more fuses
in it. And it also a well built amp, and IMO great looking to!

A no brainer for it's price, and if you don't like it
for some reason, you can return it. I think you will keep
it! :o)