Proceed HPA-2 with Nautilus 803-804

Anybody have this combo? thinking to get it but concern about harsh and grainy on the top end.
Don't know about those speakers but there ain't a damn thing harsh or grainy about that amp.
I own a pair of the Nautilus 804's and I just demo'd a HPA 2. The sound was excellent never harsh or grainy. I would advise against using a power conditioning power cable, they seem to slow the amp down. Stay with the standard power cable. I'm also going to try a 300 series Levinson amp before I buy an HPA 2.
Regardless of what a dealer will tell you. The Hpa is a great sounding amp.BUT the Levinson 300 series will blow the hpa into another time zone and thats a fact. I used to own a Levinson 331 with a Pair of B&W 802 series 3 matrix and it sounded very good. I have heard the new 300 series on a pair of 803n and was blown away. never harsh or grainy just very musical. Good luck
I just bought a Proceed HPA-2 to power my B&W N802's, upgrading from an Aragon 8008BB. The difference is amazing!
Never knew how much I was missing, the mid range and highs are awesome now ( can only imagine how much better an M/L would be). I just bought an HPA-3(waiting for it be delivered) to power the surrounds ( N803's) .