Proceed HPA-2 Quality Issues? Sound? Tube Preamp?

I just bought a HPA-2 in mint condition. It will be to me next week. My question is I saw on some other websites that there are quality issues with Procced product, are there? Is it a keeper? For what I paid ($500)I think it was a steal and at that price should I sit back and enjoy?

Can any body offer opinions on the sound quality and what preamps are you using?

I would like to run a tube preamp with it.
Yes, they can have their moments in down time. CD transports have been known to fail, some of the electronics can be a bit twitchy.
But when all is well, the gear sounds amazing, especially for the money that they sell for here on the gon, some very fine bargains.

Contact the Harmon International Group for service. Same folks that rep JBL here in the states, they do great work.
If it works for the $500 you paid you got one hell of a deal! Enjoy it but realize it is ~10 years or more old by now, and while I too still own one, they are getting long in the tooth and failure is a potential problem. Obviously they are out of warranty now.,.....
Braminator - I had a BPA then HPA-2.. I think I got the HPA the last year they were made. I had no issues with mine - none. I tried it with a Dehavilland Ultra Verve preamp and the combo was just great. The HPA was much better sounding then the smaller Proceed.

If, as you say the amp is 'mint', you just got a an excellent buy for $500.. (IMO) good luck
Hey thanks. Yes absolutely mint. I can not believe how mint it is. Anybody have one die on them? I am looking forward to hearing what it will do with my speakers. But I am in the process of buying a new Integrated amp so if I dont use it in my home theater for 2 channel it will go up for sale.
I've had an HPA-2 for ten years, and I feel no need to look at anything else. It "blew up" on me about 18 months ago, and took $600 to repair. I found it was my fault - long story. The technician said it should last a long time.
This quality of sound with 250 watts per channel is tough to find even on the used market shy of $2000.
500 bucks!!!???

I have had one for 11 years, it went out once and was reapaired under warranty. At 500 bucks I would be tempted to buy one as a spare!
From what my dealer told me, the repair prices are a bit more fair these days. Somwhere around 500 bucks a channel if it goes.

You got a great deal, congrats!