Proceed CDD skipping problems

Has anyone had this problem and if so how did you fix it? DT
Have you tried re-calibrating the unit?

CDD Drawer Calibration Procedure

1. With the unit's AC cord plugged in and the unit out of STANDBY, press the drawer open button.

2. Unplug the AC cord and then press in on the drawer until it closes halfway.

3. Plug in the AC cord while pressing BOTH the PROGRAM + and PROGRAM - buttons. Continue holding the buttons in until "SET" appears on the display.

4. Press the PROGRAM+ button twice; "F2" will then appear on the display.

5. Press and hold the PROGRAM + button until the drawer begins to open.

6. The drawer should slowly open fully, then slowly close. This cycle will be repeated up to two or more times. "DONE" will appear on the display if the drawer calibration is successfully completed.

7. Press the PROGRAM + button until "F0" appears on the display. Then press and hold the PROGRAM + button to return the unit to normal operation. N.B. It is necessary to open and close the drawer once after completing the calibration procedure before a CD can be played.

I hope this assists.