Proceed CDD - repair or not?

I have a Proceed CDD (transport) which has had intermittent skipping which is getting worse - a skip or two on just about every disk. From what I have been reading, this indicates that the laser is getting weak and the entire Philips CD module needs to be replaced.

Can anyone confirm what Philips CD module is used? I believe it is the CD-PRO, but in conversation with a local service tech here in Atlanta, he thinks the CD-PRO is only about 8 years old and the CDD's were produced from 1995 to 2002. I guess opening up the chassis is in order.

A second question, when I get a power flicker, my unit displays an F3 error code and will not operate again unless I pull the power cord for an hour or so. Does anyone know what this code means?

I guess the bottom line question would be if it is worth it to get this repaired? A repair cost in the $500 range seems worthwhile to me.

Any Proceed peeps out there??

Thank you
Here is a link you may want to look at: It addresses the laser mechanism and the travails of another audiophile who mentions the repair estimates.
Another Proceed CDP doorstop owner here. Once I researched repair costs, I gave up all hope on the unit. I may part it out one day, who knows. It's a shame that the two shops in the US that will touch it are so greedy.
Thank you for the replies. I talked with a local (Atlanta) service dude who said he can get replacement Philips CD-PRO's for $350 + $90 for installation. I have also found a company that sells the CD-PRO2LF model for $385. Once I open my CDD up and get the exact model number and probably take some pics, I'll check to see if the CD-PRO2LF will drop in there.

After reading that thread on audioasylum (thanks Mcfarland) it sounds like Madrigal modified the module to tweak it up so even putting in the latest version, may not yield the same results.

Face - what was the repair cost that you were quoted?

IF the CD-PRO2LF is compatible, $450 to repair it, if that solved all of my unit's ills, seems like something worthwhile.

What is your opinion of having a non-Proceed "authorized" person work on your transport?

Thank you!

I opened up my CDD last night and it has a CDM12-IND transport. Supposedly the CD-PRO2LF is backward compatible with it. I have a few calls to make before I pull the trigger on dropping my CDD off with a local service guy to get his opinion. Thank you Google!
simple but often overlooked, make sure the lens is clean.
A friend of mine tried to substitute the CDM-12Ind in his No.31 with the new supposedly "backwards compatible" CD-Pro2 drive, without success.

My guess is that ML modified sth in those drives.
Hi Elberoth, I was afraid that is the case.

I wonder if I can simply replace the optical pickup portion of the existing transport? Something like this:

I'm not certain that the one I have linked would be the appropriate one. Might anyone have any input on this?

Thank you,
I have heard a rumour, that this is indeed possible. You need 12.1 pickup.
Here it is:

Hope it works for you !
Thank you very much Elberoth2!

That is probably the best solution that I can think of. $69.95 + shipping and they will do the work for me!!!

After reading their instruction, I think it's a bargain to have them do the work and ensure it is properly done.

Next up I need to figure out the proper way to remove the transport from my CDD.

According to their website:
"We recommend repairing only CDM 12 players from NSM jukeboxes. NSM modified some of the CDM 12 players by installing sledge guidance plane preventing excessive friction."

I have an email into the folks at Pinvan; I'm hoping they will still be willing to repair mine.
Any feedback from Pinvan ?
I have not heard from them yet. I'll be calling them later this afternoon.

Has anyone taken the philips module out of their CDD/CDP? Are there any gotcha's that I need to be aware of?
I called up pinvan just now and they said, if it's a CDM12, they will fix it. That's pretty simple. Now to carefully extract it from my CDD....
So what was the ending to this story ? Are they able to repair Madrigal gear ?
I got my CDD back from a local repair service this past Saturday. I took my CDD to Modulular Electronics in Roswell, GA after talking with Benny there about my situation. He said that he had a source for a CDM12 but I warned him that from what I had read on the web that Madrigal had modified it and that it would not simply swap in. I gave him the information from Pinvan and told him to have at it.

So Benny purchased a new CDM and discovered that the cd clamp is different. [I think that is what he said] Regardless, Benny took the laser assembly from the new module and moved it into my existing transport.

And voila, my CDD lives. The total repair cost was $275 (that's parts & labor)!

I asked Benny what he had to take apart to get the cd module out and it was way more involved that I imagined - it was basically a full disassembly of the unit. I'm glad that I aborted my attempts to get the CDM12 out of there.

Here is the contact information:
Modular Electronics

Tonight will be my first extended listening session - I cannot wait!!!