Proceed CDD Again!!

I'm back at it again looking for you guy's expert advise. I posted a question a while ago in regards to having my Proceed CDD repaired with minimal response. I'm trying again this time around because I'm kind of torn. Anyway, having my transport tucked away in a closet, I decided to bring it in for service. I was having my Levinson amp repaired and thought it would be a good time to at least get an estimate. I had no idea the place I bought my equipment from could also repair the CDD duh!!!! So today I was quoted $350 to repair it. The laser is bad, it needs a belt and some lubrication. I am 1 week away from purchasing the Bluesound Vault 2 Hi Res Music Streamer and Storage Device. The questions I have is, since the Vault 2 has a built in cd transport to rip cd's to it's hard drive, is it worth putting a dime into the Proceed? Also, how does the CDD stack up to todays equipment. My unit goes back to may 2001/02? I thought $350 sounded fair, what you guys think. Any and all info is greatly appreciated.
The Proceed CDD transport uses a Philips VAU1252 laser at $27.
The belts cost next to nothing (pack of assorted ones) from your electronics shop, heck even an elastic band sometimes works just as good.
If your "handy" or have a mate that is, these are both not too hard to diy, around an hour, no special tools or electrical adjustments need to be done. Just replace the laser and belt, a smidgen of white lithium grease on the gears and sliders.
Cheers George

George, thanks for your reply. Actually after my last post about the same CDD, i took someone else's advice as they suggested the same to replace the laser. I am very handy and mechanical so i replaced the laser as suggested. I had the same damn fault lol. I got pissed and stored it away for another rainy day. I'm really not getting an error, the player is just not reading that there is a cd in it. That was why i thought maybe there was more going on. This morning i spoke to my dealer, I've kind of decided to put the repair on hold at least for now? I t just kills me to know i once paid $2500 for this piece and its not worth anything. That's why I was reaching out to the community because I'm a mixed up bag of shells :(