Proceed AVP2

I recently purchased a preamp/processor which was advertised as a proceed AVP to mate with the Mark Levinson 27. I like the result but am a bit confused because, for one reason,  it came with two manuals, one for an AVP and the second for an AVP2.  Also, when looking for the serial number on the bottom placard it states AVP2. If it is the 2 that, of course, would be good news.  I googled images of the 2 and saw that some have AVP2 printed on the front panel; others simply state “audio video preamplifier” like mine. It was necessary to perform a factory reset to change the output from XLR to the RCA default output and used the AVP2 instructions to do this.  Is it possible that this is actually an early 2 or a factory upgrade of the AVP?  I’m pretty happy with it either way but would appreciate advice from someone with knowledge about this unit. Thanks. 
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I owned an AVP.  The AVP 2 was an upgraded model; if new it had the AVP 2 insignia.
But, one could return the AVP to have it 'upgraded' at the factory to AVP2 specs and standards.
Thanks,  Ken
Thank you, Ken. Mark Levinson straightened it ou yesterday with a return phone call. You’re absolutely correct; ML offered an upgrade kit for the AVP or a factory upgrade to the AVP2 which is what this one is. It has 2 four digit serial numbers, one which designates the original model and a second designating it as a 2. The reason it has two manuals is that the rear panel is somewhat different as are it’s connection choices. Overall, that’s good news I suppose but I’ve owned the PAV and the AVP and found them all to be very good performers.  Jim
A friend has the AVP2. We tested it against a much newer Rega DAC and it performed very well. Sounded smooth and a little louder.

It will not handle hi res files if played via Roon, Tidal, etc...