Proceed Avp2 problem- jumps to setup menu

I have the AVP processor with upgrade to AVP2 circuitry. Recently the unit has started going into main setup mode on its own. The front LED will indicate setup mode and I have to push the remote control (menu button) to exit the setup mode. It does this occasionally. Does this sound like some type of interference. I have tried blocking out the LED window on the front panel but it still jumps to setup mode. Could this be a problem with a circuit board component. Is there a fix available on-line or do you think the unit will require service ?

I contacted Madrigal but have not received a reply yet.

Appreciate any feedback.
Thanks , Dave

Well sounds like one of two things, either you unit is
going into setup on it's own or somethng is telling it
to. If you have a Lexicon RT-10 the default IR codes
over lap the AVP2. This can be corrected by changing
your RT-10 to use the secondary code set. Next, is your
remote intermittenly sending the code to go into setup.
Could be a flaky remote or batteries need replacing. I
would first try covering the IR sensor on the front panel
(it's in the display window). See if it still happens,
if it doesn't your unit is picking up an IR signal
somewhere. If it still does the problem is internal. If
you are brave and take to proper static precautions you
could try reseating all the connections.

Hope this helps, good luck
I noticed same problem with my AVP2. Problem comes from the remote sending a "long" input command such as DVD. Same thing would happen if you press and hold down the input button (DVD) for greater than 3 seconds. Madrigal gives you an instant access to the menu system.

The work around is to use a universal remote such as an MX-850 and create a macro. Program your input selection such as DVD, then issue a RECALL command in the macro, which will turn off the the menu if it was in Menu mode. The Recall command does nothing if the menu did not come up!! Since I did this, I have not encountered the annoying menu system from appearing.
Hope this helps