Proceed Avp2 problem- jumps to setup menu

I have the AVP processor with upgrade to AVP2 circuitry. Recently the unit has started going into main setup mode on its own. The front LED will indicate setup mode and I have to push the remote control (menu button) to exit the setup mode. It does this occasionally. Does this sound like some type of interference. I have tried blocking out the LED window on the front panel but it still jumps to setup mode. Could this be a problem with a circuit board component. Is there a fix available on-line or do you think the unit will require service ?

I contacted Madrigal but have not received a reply yet.

Appreciate any feedback.
Thanks , Dave
Hello Dave,

I had an AVP-S several years ago that had a similar problem. It was covered under warrantee so I sent it back to Harman in Massachusetts – this was after Proceed closed its doors. There were some problems with power supply regulation and display ICs, which were replaced. This may rule out interference with another component as a cause.

The round trip took about 6 weeks; the only cost I incurred was for the shipping to Harman. It’s best to contact Harman by phone because they seem not to read emails (assume that’s how you contacted them.) I actually found them to be very helpful and responsive, and I believe they have worked through their issues associated with disbanding Madrigal and merging the service departments.

If you are beyond your warrantee period (5 years, I recall) they may be able to recommend a service technician local to your area. (781-280-0300)

Hope this helps.

Thanks Bob

I did receive some additional info from HSG and checked into some other suggestions. I now beleive the problem is static electricity reeking havoc on the AVP2. It is the first time I have had this problem with any audio component. It's winter and the room is somewhat dry (40%) humidity and the room is carpeted. If I rub my foot on the carpet several times and touch the AVP 2 the LED's flicker for a split second and the unit jumps to the menu setup. It has even switched modes. Can a light dose of static electricity damage the unit ? I never received a shock or a saw a spark flash. Ever hear of this problem.

My room is very dry as well. This has happened
me. I have DYI equipment rack made with 3/4''
threaded rod. I always try to touch that first.
Hasn't been the cause of any serious problems but
it sure scares the **** of me. Specially when you
see one of your units either shutoff or bugout.
I have seen and heard the little static charge.
It can't be a good thing.

Hi Dave,

Electrostatic discharge will do nasty things to sensitive electronics equipment, including permanent damage. What Joemt is doing essentially is discharging the ESD to ground through his rack before he touchs his equipment. This works obviously, but is a pain (literally and figuratively.) Also, I got the impression from your original post that this occurs remotely; that is, you are watching a movie on the sofa and the AVP pops into set-up mode on its own. Is that the case? If so, not sure how ESD could be causing that.

First thing is to make certain the AVP is properly grounded; check the power cord to make certain it is the three prong variety and that all the wires are intact. Beyond that, check with HSG to see if they are aware of this issue. They may have a fix they can recommend that you can try.

Bob R.