Proceed AVP2 current firmware.

I just bought an upgrade AVP2 and wonder if it has the latest firmware or not.

The About screen shows:

Boot checksum = 7BA4
Proc1 code: 04080121
Proc1 Version: 100
Proc2 Version: 100
Proc3 Version: 100

Any AVP2 owners can help me out on this?



Could you please send me the latest firmware package for AVP2?


Thank you so much!

I just updated the AVP2 to the latest firmware after received the software update package from HSG customer service.
Thanks for all the info.
Hi Romong,

I got the below from Harman about a year ago

There were only 2 versions of software for the AVP2, the ABOUT screen information for the second version is:

Proc1 Code 07190211
Proc1 Version 201
Proc2 Version 0200
Proc3 Version 0200

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Try posting here:

Lots of AVP2 users there.