Proceed AVP vs. Meridian 561 Help

I am looking into buying one of these in the used market. Has anyone compared these two? I have heard they are both good. Help!!!
jel, i own an avp and like it but i have not compared it to the 561. i did recently talk to the madrigal rep and there will be an upgrade to allow the avp to accept a 6-channel analogue input to allow you to input dvd-a or sacd multichannel recordings. the avp is one of the better units on the market and the build quality is typical madrigal. the 561 is also a very good product.

i'm not sure if the 561 includes a video switcher or not. the proceed setup system may be easier and more clear than the meridian. the proceed is 7.1 capable.

good luck
I like the Proceed toooooo. But like Mike have not compared directly to the 561. Unaware of the 5.1 upgrade alluded to above, but harass Proceed every now and again to release that 24.96 upgrade they have been promising for what seems like years now. They say it's delayed. Still, the Proceed is hard to beat. It's supposed to be on par with the Lexicon and Meridian in H/T and supposed to edge both in two channel. My post may not help you too much, but I've been where you are, and for reasons I can't even remember now, I went with the Proceed. I'm glad I did.
Jel, they are both very good, and you probably wouldn't go wrong with either one. Three years ago I struggled to choose between these two units and ultimately chose the Meridian. The dealer carried both the AVP and 561, so I was able to compare them side by side. Used as an outboard DAC I felt that the 561 was more musical, richer sounding, and less lean sounding then the AVP. The 561's multi channel music modes (trifield, music) are also very good, however the Direct two channel mode is the purest sounding. Both units are software upgradeable. I've recently downloaded the latest version of the 561's firmware that includes EX, Meridian ES, and Prologic II. Unless you use Meridian's digital speakers the 561 is restricted to 6 analogue outputs unlike the AVP's 7.1 capabilities. The Meridian uses an easy to understand PC program to maintain all settings. The settings can then be downloaded (or uploaded) to the 561. A laptop is useful in this regard and allows you to program the 561 without removing it from your system. The 561 can be setup without a PC, but this is much more cumbersome. The 561 does come standard with composite and s-video switching, I don't use either one. No doubt, the build quality of the AVP is very appealing. However, in the three plus years that I have had my 561 it has performed flawlessly. Good hunting.
Meridian has recently released a software update for the 561 to allow it to provide Dolby ProLogic II (DPLII). Just download the update to your 561 and your ready to go. Cost: Free!
I, too, have an AVP and have been extremely happy with it. I'm running the AMP5 with it (balanced on available channels) and Aerial Acoustics 7b's up front. It excels in both two channel and HT aplications.

As for upgrades, I spoke with a guy in Madrigal's service department to get the low down. He said in about 10 to 12 months they will release the AVP 2 that will be a SIGNIFICANT software AND hardware upgrade (original AVP owners will be able to upgrade existing units, but I'm sure the cost will be commensurate to the upgrade). Hope this is helpful.
I have compared both. For HT Meridian edges by a little tiny fraction if your "trained ears could tell the difference" and in 2-channel mode hands down AVP. One of the best 2-channel (maybe even best) pre/pro out today.