Proceed AVP vs Krell HTS

Does anyone here have a chance to do a direct comparison btw Proceed AVP/AVP2 vs Krell HTS 2/HTS 7.1? I wonder how it perform, sonically, in HT and music
The Proceed gear is clear enough. It is basically more muical and sweet sounding Lexicon gear in my oppinion. The Krell on the other hand is very refined, and high end sounding resolved gear...especially the pre/pro! The amp is very good, if short of Class A caliber however. The pre/pro is as good sounding for HT as you'll ever find. it's no slouch for music dubties either.
If my choice, I'd go the Krell every time...and I'm not a huge Krell fan per se. But it's superb HT/music gear for what it is.
Before you spend $8k audition the Aragon Stage One and the Bel Canto.
The Cal CL2500 which you can get for unbelievable prices
here on audiogon sounds way better then the krell and slightly better then the avp IMOP. The Cal
is awesome in HT and very good in 2channel bypass mode.The
Cal sounds so good that I have no interest in even looking
much less listening to anything else. Few bells and whistles
but absolutely dead quiet background and incredible dynamics
with absolutely no brightness, just smooth incredible sound.

And use a good 2 channel amp for 2 channel listening and the
CL2500 gives you pin-point imaging with a wide and deep
soundstage. I am not one to believe reviews but Richard
Hardesty tells it like it is in his review of the whole
Cal Audio series of components. We all have are opinions,
likes and dislikes, and I likes the Cal gear.... And Scott Morris formerly of Cal will upgrade firmware and service the
newer Cal Gear for very reasonable prices...