Proceed AVP vs Denon AVP-A1HDCI & Krell S-1000

Hey guys. I have a Proceed AVP pro which is about 15 years old, Sunfire TGA-7200 amp, Monitor Audio Platinum Speakers, Audiolab 8000T tuner & other high end gear.
The Platinum PL-300 mains are driven in Bi-amp.
I would like to know if the Denon AVP-A1HDCI & Krell S-1000 will beat the proceed in sound quality.I know that the two are tough & newer. New features require HDMI.I don't care about extra features. I mainly care about top quality sound.
I compared the Proceed with other good brands such as Sunfire pro & Anthem. But the Proceed was more refined, detailed & tighter & more controlled bass. So I am focusing on the Denon & Krell & which one of them will make my speakers sing better.

I had the AVP and then the AVP2. I now have the Denon AVP-A1HDCI. As a preamp the Proceed was quite good but a bit colored and restrained compared to top notch standalone preamps. Keep in mind that I have not owned an AVP2 for two years but I had it alongside probably the Levinson 32 preamp (no contest) as well as subsequent other preamps of similar caliber.

The AVP has a nice DAC section and the Audyssey system which is highly worthwhile if you have a problematic room. It also has XM radio and NET radio capability as well as an FM tuner and HD radio. For my purposes it's a Swiss army knife unit that does a lot (esp. for background music with the various tuners) while only taking up one rack space in my overcrowded rack.

I once owned the Krell Audio Video Standard and numerous Krell amps. I still think well of Krell amps but feel that AV processors are not their strong suit.


I'm in the same boat. I have a Proceed PAV/PDSD pre/pro that I use with Proceed Amp 2 and Amp 3 to drive KEF 104.2s mains, 102.2 surrounds, and 200C center. I'd like a modern processor with HDMI 1.3, and perhaps DRC (I use a Velodyne SMS-1 DRC with my HGS-15), but I don't want to lose the quality of sound I enjoy. A Sony XA5400ES is scheduled for delivery today, making the lure of DSD and multi-channel music even more enticing.

The Cary Cinema 11a looked promising, but posts at AVS suggest it's too buggy. One of our local gurus recommended a Classe SSP 800, but offered a large discount on an Anthem D2. Knowing me, I'll most likely do nothing.

The Proceed is considered a little "hot" compared to other high end brands . The Anthem is great but lacks the airiness that you get from tough brands. While the Sunfire was musical but lacked the Proceed's low end refinement & tightness. It was a little loose sometimes & over exaggerated at other times. I couldn't get it right to my taste & I will definitely love it if I didn't have the Proceed.

I am an installer so I don't really care much about the Audyssey system while it's a plus point. I care about well refined sound with tight bass.

I am sure that the Denon is so good in features " a true Swiss army knife " but I am afraid that I might get disappointed with the bass tightness.
I'd be going with the Krell, having sold all those other brands over the years, compared the processors. And the HTS 5.1, AV standard, HTS 2, HTS 7.1 ref, and then S-1000/3000 are all excellent, super refined sounding pieces. You're not going to lose in the sound department. I'm certain.