Proceed AVP Help.....

I sold my processor/DVD combo and while waiting for the new set to arrive, I am using a Proceed AVP. Since I have speakers and amplification to run both, sides and surrounds, can someone tell me how the AVP can do this?

I know there are outputs for such, but haven't connected it yet, but the manual states "upon new software updates, sides and surrounds (or multiple subs) can be arranged from the 2 additional outputs."

Does anyone know if Proceed ever made the 'optional outputs' live for sides or was this just another dead pipedream undelivered from Proceed? If so, was there a specific version in which must be loaded to enable such?

Yes they did. Just go to the menu and set the aux channels for whatever you want. I believe you can set them for stereo subs or side channel surrounds.
Wasn't there a specific software this works for?

In other words, (not knowing the actual numbers, these are used for examples only) if I have version 1, and one of the later upgrades allowed this side/surround option by going into the AUX and defining them, would mine version 1 not work?

I don't know the version yet (have not connected it to a screen) but I will go through the process with trying to set it up.

My bet was that, example again, version 1 did not have the ability to be able to use the AUX for sides or subs, even though the unit had the outputs for them. Then, in later version, Proceed/Madrigal made these available with a software upgrade.

I think there was some software upgrade to use these channels. I had an AVP and now I have the AVP2. My AVP could not be configured to use these channels but my AVP2 can.