Proceed AVP DAC vs Todays inexpensive CDP DACs?

Since the Proceed AVP-s is about 10 years old how does it compare to standards today in the under $1500mrsp CDP? Is a transport run through the Proceed DAC better or a current used player that is in the $800-1000 range.
To me, the Proceed's DAC's sound great connected to a OPPO 981HD as a transport. I have owned the AVP2 +6 for about a year. All IC's are Mogami Gold. Pre-outs to powered mains, surrounds through a AMP 5, and SVS Ultra 13 also with pre-out. The mains play relatively flat from 50 Hz up.

I have been very happy and play HDCD, DVD-A, SACD, redbooks and DVD's with HDMI video directly into the monitor.

It sounds very Mark Levinison-like. They changed some internals as the AVP evolved to the final AVP2 +6. All were highly regarded. This was and is a high quality component. Component matching, system synergy and set-up effort can pay big dividends.

A transport with balanced analog outs and variety of digital outputs may be best. For each component connected to a AVP, a transport for example, you can a assign 3 different inputs on the AVP. While listening, simply press the CD button to switch between chosen analog and/or digital inputs, say cables or glass/TosLink. This way, I can immediately compare sounds between different inputs to each other. In any listening mode, you can turn the SUB On/Off at instantly with one button on the remote. All LF signals are then only sent to all available speakers, regardless of the speaker crossover points or listening mode using the SUB ON. All this effects the DAC's overall sound presentation.

I'd compare the other newer DAC's and check reviews. Newer computer based technology looks promising. I'm keeping mine as long as I really enjoy listening to it.