Proceed AVP-2 +6 Multi-Channel Analog Input?

Does anyone know if the 5.1 channel analog input on this pre/pro is a pass through or if its converted to digital and then back to analog before its sent to the analog outputs? I seem to remember that it is converted to digital first which would seem to diminish the benefit of multi-channel SACD or any of the new uncompressed or less compressed audio tracks on HD DVD or Blu Ray.
There is a lot of chatter re this prepro on Every question you could have re this piece is on there. Go to the audio forum and hit search for Proceed, and you'll find it. They are all talking about how high the asking price is on the latest offered on a'gon..
it is converted back to digital first according to the manual and interviews; but it is a 24/192 kHz process with good DACs
I did find some information from the original release of the AVP-2 and the 5.1 analog input is converted to digital first and is not a true analog pass through. Thanks for the responses.