Proceed AVP?

The dilemma: One month and 5 days ago I purchased a B&K Ref-30 pre-pro. Sounds great, looks great, good price. Two weeks ago I bought the Proceed AMP 5. Sounds Awesome, sounds awesome, sounds awesome. Now I want to upgrade to Proceed AVP to accomodate hi-fi music and balanced ICs. Problem is, B&K is over one month old. No return possible. However, store will do "performance upgrade" to another item for up to 4 months and credit "full sale price" of the returned item. Great right? Problem is, Madrigal is not expecting to release the new AVP until next summer, much farther away than 4 months.

The question: How outdated is the current AVP if I buy one now? I've heard people say the B&K Ref-30 is nearly as good. Are getting performance upgrades for the current AVP going to be anywhere close to the abilities of the real deal next summer?

And yes, I have read the article off the Madrigal website. I'm looking to hear from someone who knows more, or current owners of the AVP. Thanks all.
AVP, to me offer probably some of the best 2 chn sound in the biz, offers "most" of the surround effects.

I sold my original AVP and 3 months later, sold the replacement and purchased another AVP.

The AVP also now offers 96/24 decoding with the most recent code.

I believe Madrigal is giving a special deal that if you buy an AVP now, you can upgrade it to the AVP II come summer. Be warned, the AVP II is going to be a lot more money... check with your local Madrigal dealer on this...