Proceed AVP?

Have a processor which will not make the digital to prologic switch automatically so am thinking about the AVP. Will it switch automatically from a digital feed on Dishnetwork to prologic when I change channels back and forth?
I don't know about that, but I tried an AVP and didn't like it because it apparently takes time to read the disc format and when I played CD's, I'd lose the first couple of notes on the CD until the AVP figured out it was a CD.
Also, it's an orphan product now.
Actually, from what I remember, there's a bunch of otherwise highly recommended AV pre's from back in the late 90's and early 2000's, that had that issue. I owned several makes and models of pre/pro's - and that issue never bothered me, personally. Actually, many of these pre's sounded great, and you just "dealt with it".
Lol - we should make up a list of "bastard step-children AV equipment" out there, that was once highly regarded and sought after! - a veritable ghost town of poor ol' left-behinds, nearly-forgottens, and relics of the past...
It's amazing to me that the more expensive hi-end equipment is almost always the poorest performers.
Thanks for the responses.
Missing the first few notes on a cd is a deal breaker.
Have been looking at older pre's thinking that I would wait for the formats to get sorted out befor buying into it. Guess for now I'll just continue with my current pre and wait for new tech to reach the used market.
Thanks again.
What Ncarv wrote seems bizarre to me. I have an earlier two-chassis PAV/PDSD combination that the AVP was intended to functionally replace. ( I think it was only with the AVP2 that the replacement was successful.) The PAV/PDSD has no such problem. I prefer the Proceed DACs for CDs, so that's digital in; SACD, of course, is analog in. Deciding whether it's a CD or SACD is performed within the source, in my case a Sony DVP-S9000ES. I don't understand what the AVP would have to do with format in any case.

db, I had the Sony DVP-9000ES as my source with the Proceed AVP and I agree, it was bizarre, but that was the case. I never heard of the problem with the PAV/PDSD combo. I'm just reporting the facts.
It's true, there are many orphaned products that are still serviceable, but this one may be a bit more difficult to service if a problem arises.
As for the performance of the Proceed, the sound was excellent and the ease of use was very good.
For some, that issue of missing the first few notes may not be a problem. For me it was. I had contacted Proceed about it. They said they were working on a software update to resolve the problem, but the line was dropped before that ever happened.