Proceed amps repair experiences?

Can these amps be repaired by a non-proceed technician?
Do they have proprietary parts? I heard Levinson amps have proprietary multi function power switch. also I heard they are less reliable than levinson, whats' the difference as their ads say they use some same design/parts?
I have a Proceed AMP2, PRE and CDP. I've owned the AMP2 and PRE for 7 years (bought both used, so I don't know how old they really are). The AMP2 has been 100% reliable. I had one minor problem w\ the PRE... it responded to the remote, but wouldn't respond to the front panel controls. I opened it up and re-seated a couple of ribbon cable connectors... no problems since. I did need repairs on the CDP (bought used 5 years ago), but I think that was because a previous owner had shipped it without the shipping screw installed. After the repairs (by Madrigal at that time), it has been 100% reliable.