Proceed Amps

Looking at some Proceed 3 channel and 2 channel amps. Could someone tell me what the difference is between the HPA and BPA series of amps. Thanks.

HPA's have 250 wpc, bpa 125 (ish)

...the claim at the time was that the BPA series had a sonic signature closer to the ML334...


Thanks guys. I actually figured that out myself by using Google to download the Users Manual for each. Why didn't I do that first?

If you're looking at buying one of the 2 channel amps I would recommend the HPA-2 over the smaller BPA-2. I had both and the HPA was a much better amp IMO. Not just more wattage but it really handles difficult speakers and sounded better from top to bottom. I was very happy using it with a tube preamp.

I recall some posters saying it didnt sound much different from the Levinson 431 that replaced it.
I replaced an HPA 3 with an ML 433, and the difference was there, but not huge, I still have an HPA covering my rears, great amps and for the money, one of the best buys in used audio IMHO.
Thanks again guys. I have a surround system so I am thinking an B(H)PA-3 in the front and an B(H)PA-2 for the rears.


I ran an HPA 3 and HPA 2 for a while, you will be very happy!