Proceed Amp 5 Repair

Good afternoon everyone.  My Proceed Amp 5 started acting up yesterday.  I purchased the unit used last year, and it had been great.  Yesterday when I tried to fire up the system, after pressing the Stand By button, it seemed to "shut down" and the power light began to blink.  

Has anyone dealt with issues like this?  It seems very difficult to find any "authorized" repair.  I am located in Michigan, but will ship to repair if needed.  

Any advice would be appreciated.  


Send it to Audio Classics in Vestal, NY. They have an excellent repair department. 
Unless you can find a really good tech locally, you may have to send it over to one of 4 (?) authorized Mark Levinson/Proceed authorized service centers for repair.  Depending on the extent of the work involved, there is a good chance it may cost more than what the amp is worth
Pyramid Audio out of Austin Texas. They are 1 of top Madrigal/Levinson/
Proceed repair facilities in the country. I had same problem with my amp 5 that I purchased in 1999. It is most likely an issue with the center channel over heating, causing a short that is triggering the protection system. Most likely not worth fixing. Mine had the issue in 2011. I decided to junk it and go the receiver route for Home Theater.