Problrm with spade and my amp......?

I have two questions.....My new ASL Hurricanes (still breaking in) have different speaker lugs in the back then my ARC VT 100. Right now I have one set of speakers connected to the post of the amp via the spades sitting around the post but spread out a bit. The other mono amp, I just have one side of the spade connected into the the hole of the post and not around the post. Will that make a difference or degrade the sound???

My second question is....without doing anything on the Hurricane speaker post, does anyone sell larger, better, adjustable spade's for my speaker cables (Acoustic Zen) where I can easily fit the old ones into the newer ones the then into the amps????
There is an ultimate solution to improve the sound, but it will diminish your expensive cable resale value - you can strip the ends of cable and feed bare ends directly into the holes of binding posts and tie the posts as much as possible.
Just my $0.02.
Analysis Plus sells their connections including spades, bananas, etc. They are the crimp-on type, and very high quality. They also sell the tools to make the connection incase you do not have them.

I don't think what you are doing will degrade the sound but psychologically it might. I am more concern about the dangling half of the spade. If they are exposed, they might be at risk of accidental short. So for the safety purposes you might want to re-terminate them with the right size spades. I re-terminate my HT Pro-9 myself with smaller spades to fit the Vandy 5 but if you are not comfortable with DIY projects, you might want to ask Acoustic Zen to do it for you.

BTW, how does your Hurricane sound?
if one cables spade will fit around the post of the amplifier why not bend the other cable to match so it will also fit around the other amplifier post?
Hi Sid.....too soon to tell on the Hurricanes. I have about 45-50 hours and I need to change the 6sn7's as recommended by the distributor. As I write this I am listening to Beethoven's Emperor Piano Concerto that I heard last night at the NY Philharmonic. I sat dead center (107-108) row z. As I listen now, I am at row q-r center (stage image is not a wide) some imaging problems but overall piano and weight of orchestra is outstanding!!! I hope to report to all soon (1-2 months??.

P.S. How are your V-5's???