Problems with Optrix Spray

I noticed that some of my CDs treated with Optrix spray were looking cloudy. I thought maybe they had some excess Optrix (i.e. I did not wipe it off properly during the application) so I tried washing the Optrix off one of them, first with water and then with water and a little dishwashing liquid. The cloudiness was still there. I was finally able to buff the cloud off with Mapleshade Mikrosmooth. It was as though the Optrix had etched the surface of the CD.

Has anyone else here had this problem with Optrix?

I have since moved on to Auric Illuminator for my new CDs, but I have 10 or so CDs that are going to need a vigorous buffing with Mikrosmooth. (As I stated in an earlier thread, I use the tip of my index finger rather than Mapleshade's polish cloths since the latter scratch my CDs).

You might try Shine Ola.
Many people have had good success with it and it doe snot harm disks at all.
I have had no problems with Optrix. CDs look shiney and do sound a bit clearer. Maybe a bad mixture. Wouldn't use it anymore if I were you.
Had the same problem and it doesn't happen to all cd, strange as I can clean a bunch and one will show cloudy. I stoped using optrix and use Shine-O-la and no cloudy cd. Good Luck
I have a brand new bottle of Optrix, but have never tried it. I have seen other threads such as this where others commented on Oprix treated discs "clouding up" and / or having a hard time getting it off of the discs. Whether or not the clouding affects the sonics or longevity of the disc, i don't know. Sean
Have experienced the same problem on DVD's when using Auric Illuminator(the old blue formula). I also tried to remove it with warm water and some dishsoap but ultimately had to resort to buffing it off with MikroSmooth. Didn't occur with every DVD. Even after extra care was taken to not let the Auric remain on the disc for too long and the disc was thorougly buffed-off and inspected under strong light, clouding occured over the next several days. Have consequently stopped using the Auric (may try the new clear formula in the near future).
Oh great.. I just bought some of this Optrix and put it on about 25 cd's... I haven't noticed a problem yet but... for those of you who are noticing the "clouding" effect.. is this just visual or is there audible degradation or any audible artifacts to this clouding?
Xiekitchen, I haven't notice any sonic degrades just the cloudy CD and it's just about impossible to get them back nice and shiny! so I'm sticking to shine-ola as I have had no problems and it's a great product.
Thanks to everyone for sharing.

I've treated several CDs with the new Auric Illuminator and so far (3 weeks later) there is no clouding.

I do have some Shine-ola which I use on SACDs, but it is a cleaner rather than a "clarifier" like Optrix is supposed to be (when it doesn't cloud up!) and others like AI, Vivid, and LAT International's C Diamond.

As for the sonic effects of the cloud, it apparently is minor because the CDs sounded pretty good. I will do a listening test on one of them to see if removing the cloud improves sound quality.


Not sure what you mean by the comment that Shine Ola is a cleaner rather than a clarifier. Yes, it cleans.
It also has a positive effect on the sound presentation according to most who use it.
Maybe I don't understand the terms.
I wonder if there has been any settling/separation of the ingredients? perhaps due to temperature or simply by not shaking or stirring prior to use? What I'm getting at is, is it possible you have unknowingly applied too much of one ingredient or another?
Maybe, I'm using the wrong terminology. What I meant is that Optrix, Auric, Vivid etc. are all designed to help light pass into and out of the CD more easily (without spilling) by providing an interfacing layer of material, while Shine-Ola leaves no such layer. Some people on this board are skeptical of interfacing layers and prefer the clean surface they get with Shine-Ola.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try shaking and see if the result changes (on an expendable CD, of course).

Thanks for "clarifying" :)
I have read where Shine Ola alegedly reduces reading errors. It does seem to be a clean solution and improves the overall audio and video presentations IMHO.
Brian is pretty obsessive about getting his solutions pure (Shine Ola and RRL LP cleaner) and not leaving residue.
I had some serious problems with Auric Illuminator, and not the old blue formula, but the second concoction. Several months after application, some DVDs would become so cloudy that they would not play. Even after polishing with Mikrosmooth, I'd have to follow up later with another polishing or two, as the clouding would recur. Now these claims that Optrix also causes clouding! Why use anything but soap and water? Is Shine-Ola anything more than distilled water? It doesn't even behave as though it contains any sort of surfactant, so how can it clean anything?
I use the Ultrabit products which i find excellent. They have extremely good reviews and have been highly recommended by The Absolute Sound as a best buy for a few years now. Absolutely no problems so far, and Absolute Sound would raise the alarm if there were any problems.