problems with musical fidelity A3cd

Anybody has experienced any reliability issues? My unit stopped functioning suddenly after 3 months of not very heavy use. It is currently being shipped back to audio advisor. Thanks for any info.
Is this MF's tube package? If so, you're lucky. A friend of mine had that -- it resigned from service 1 month down the line (purchased new).
Good luck with repairs!
Was considering purchase of some MF gear, interested in hearing how thins turn out. Good luck
If anyone is interested this is what happened.When the unit arrived at Audio Advisor the only person who handles these repairs was on vacation for one week. After he returned and caught up, and after he never called or e-mailed as promised I called and was told that he could find nothing wrong. However he wanted to keep the player a few more days just to be sure. Just before the emap show I was told that the unit was shipped to California(!). Since I have never been to my knowledge a resident of the west coast and besides AA have my address and mail me catalogs the explanation escapes me. In any event they promised to track down the box and send it to Florida. Two weeks later speaking to a different customer service person I was told that my cd player was still in CA and they would try to track it down etc,etc. At that point I told the lady that I had been so far very accomodating but they had reached my limit. I asked her to send me a replacement unless they wanted to explain their actions in this forum. She asked to speak to her supervisor. Two hours later, for the first time in 1 month, AA called back and told me that I would receive a new player by overnight shipment with Saturday delivery before Memorial Day. UPS delivered and ther was a happy ending. Lesson: our community has a certain influence.
If anyone sees a A3CD pumping iron in Santa Barbara say hello.
Pefstratiou: Good, I am happy that you were able to rectify the situation. In two of my three transactions with Audio Advisor I have received defective merchandise. I ended up paying for the shipping on a defective amp that I purchased and returned as they ingnored (failed to respond) to my multiple requests for a refend of the shipping charges. My last purchase (the third) was an audio rack, on which three of the shelf supports have already snapped while bearing the weight of components that weigh less than 20 pounds (per shelf) and they have so far failed to respond to two emails sent to them in regard to this in the past five days. I will take the matter up with my credit card company this coming Monday if I fail to hear from them by then.
I've had similar problems with Audio Advisor and won't work with them again in the future. In six transactions, I've completed two successfuly. In the other four cases, the "new" equipement was actually returned equipment and either missing something or completely broken. I'm not a fan!
I think theyre spending too much time in bed with Stereophile