Problems with Hybrid SACD's ?

My Sony 9000es plays Hybrid SACD's fine up to a point. It then glitches, always at the same point on the same disk, and go's silent. These are "square label" hybrid disks. Is it a problem with the player, disk format or the specific disk? My guess is that it is the disk or it would not play the disk at all. the Sony plays single format SACD's just fine. This is the second Hybrid disk I purchased and both disks did this. Do I just avoid hybrid's
There's something wrong with your SACD player. I've never had a problem with hybrids on my XA777ES.
There's a firmware fix for this. Contact Sony and don't accept any excuses. It is wel know - ask for the firmware upgrade. If you wish more info AFTER you speak with dealer/SONY email me.
I have the SCD-777ES player. I can play the hybrid discs,
no problem.
I got my Sony 9000es back. It took 24 days round trip (this includes shipping to and from Sony service in Pa.
I translate the sparse repair order description to mean that they replaced the laser and or transport at no charge.

Anyway it plays Hybrid disks now.
Sonopress (the only Hybrid/manufacturing plant) had some issues with QC on some of their fist production runs. It may not be your player...