problems with CJ's Premier 140 ? anyone

There's a Cj 140 offered @ audiogon at atttractive price & I'm thinking about it.
I did read numerous post about this amp having problems with tubes blowing up & bias resistors going out of whack. Anyone here with this particular amp having problems with these symptons ?

Whats the real score on this amp ? I heard its being discontinued. So short of a production. Makes me wonder.

Perhaps someone here can shed some light on this matter.

Thanks for inputs & much appreciated!
I have my CJ Premier 140 since May of 2005, purchased new and have no iuuses at all. Not even a blow fuse.
I bought mine used a year and a half ago, and haven't had any trouble or operational issues.
Blown fuses? Yes. With tube sets that were perhaps not the best in terms of stability. Also a tendency to make certain tubes red plate and then fry if you don't shut the unit down fast enough, Seems to be totally related to the tubes, not the amp, however. Any other issues like blown resistors? Nope. I love the way this amp just puts the music in front of you and have no intention of getting rid of it. Every change I make to the system comes through clearly with this amp.

I don't think you'll be disappointed.

There is one used Premier 140 in the local market. It was my original plan to buy it but after reading so many bad news I am worrying whether to go ahead. Does it really have problem? If not, why did CJ stop production within a relatively short period of time? Any new views about its reliability?