Problems with Bluesound Vault and PC app finding Node2 that are wireless

Does anyone else have this problem?   My PC is hardwire LAN to the Bluesound Vault2 and the wireless router.   The two Bluesound Node 2's are wireless.   About 50% of the time, the Bluesound App on the PC cannot find one or both of the nodes.    I have the same problem with Roon as well.   It is very frustrating but I don't see anyway out of this.
@spatialking I have D-Link DIR-890LR router. The only thing in my house that is wired is my PC. I have a WAP in my office which is in the next room and another WAP in my living room where my main system is. It’s not very far from the router, maybe 20 feet. I have the repeater on the other side of the house in my bedroom. My laptops, tablets, TV, AVP, Oppos, BlueSounds, Roku, etc. all are wireless.

Signal strength is about -35 to -45 in all the locations where I have wireless devices. My PC is running Win 10 Pro.

I just picked up a used Node 2 and set it up in my bedroom last night and was listening to Sgt. Peppers MQA on Tidal with no issues.
I just did the newest update today.  Usually when they offer a new update soon after a previous one it is to fix something that the previous update broke, but this made things worse 
I finally got the Bluesound app to find the missing Node, did a upgrade, rebooting everything, and for now, it seems to be working.   

One thing I did discover, the hard way of course, is after an upgrade one has to do a manual warm reboot of the system via the diagnostics menu.   Simply cycling power is not sufficient.  

However, my old Logitech Squeezebox Touch fires right up after every power fluctuation, glitch, or whatever.   It simply starts playing right where it left off, as if it was an analog FM tuner and that has at least 9 year old wireless technology in it.   Gotta love it.
Mine won’t even do factory resets, and I haven’t had a call returned since before XMass.  I am using my Oppo players and Audirvana with my Mac to control my NAS.  I’m done with Bluesound 
@Mahler123 - yes, I understand.   If I could return all this stuff and get full credit, I'd do it and buy something more robust.   But, I am reluctant to take a loss on it and, so far, Bluesound has been responsive and is working on the problem.  

The factory reset is a pin you push in the back of the unit - if it doesn't work, I'd say you have a warranty problem.