Problems with Audio Engine Support

Curious if anyone else is having recent trouble reaching Audio Engine Support, either via website or phone?  We sent a pr of A5's in several wks ago for repair.  Have been trying to reach them since then to determine if they're to be repaired or replaced, but no response.  Something I should know about, or suggestions on an alternative contact?  
Can the folks at Audio Advisor help?  

Phone: (800) 942-0220

They carry AudioEngine products.
Finally received a response.  Thanks for the above suggestions.  

Recently bought a B2 for my brother and it's really very good.  But I had a question and when I called the message said they no longer support phone calls.  I got a fairly quick response from the email I sent, but when you're doing business primarily online I was disappointed I couldn't speak with someone directly.  I get they're trying to reduce costs, but they can't pay someone to answer the phone???  Not optimal IMHO.