problems picking a HT system due to ohmage

in my budget i have finalised what i want but the ohmage isnt matching up and i cant audition all this gear in the same store together to listen to it..
1/i chose a NAD T748 and wanted Monitor Audio rx6's (MAs are 6ohm and receiver does 8).......arhh
2/1 dealer sais he has paradigms w/ his NAD in store...never heard them and the nice ones are over my budget & have seen not good reviews on their monitor range
3/another NAD dealer has Klipsch rf62's (dealer too far away) the klipsch look good on paper ohms & db but they look awfully cheap and im unsure on the horn sound....
4/OR i could get the monitor audio's and buy a recomended Marantz 6006 that deals with 6ohms but im afraid the marantz wont sound as good as the NAD w/ audio....

anybody had ownership of these products and could comment on them and steer me in a direction..

using system for blueray movies/ps3 games/ dvd concerts and i listen to hard rock music/metal/classic rock/electronic/blues....and enjoy Long listening sessions and good solid individual instrument seperation..
planning to add a power amp down the road.
I wouldn't get too hung up on the difference between the impedance difference between a nominal 6 ohm and 8 ohm ratings. In real world, impedance (not ohmage) rating is less important than if there are significant variations across the entire frequency range and particularly w a receiver, which is most likely going to have some limitations in its power supply, the minimum impedance in the audio band is of more interest. If the NAD is only rated into an 8 ohm load, then its more likely to have problems w a speaker that has significant dips in impedance below say 3 or 4 ohms, than the Marantz.
I'm pretty sure all NAD receivers are capable of handling 4 ohm loads
Listen to Swampwalker on this. You can still use the NAD with the Monitor Audio speakers.
BTW there is another thread where the guy is happy as could be with a Marantz integrated PM8004, the street price is about $750 new.