Problem with Transport 3

My Sonic Frontiers Transport 3 with the Processor 3 is very good,but with same C.D.s I have a problem:many time it is impossible play these C.D.s because the Transport don't read the TOC;sometimes if I try again,rotating the C.D. in another position the Transport read the TOC.
But more time it's impossible to start the audition.
These C.D.s(are 4) have all a duration more than 70 minutes.
With all others C.D.s the Transport is o.k.
Someone can help me with his experience or to advise me for a digital expert?
Best Regards,Piero Italy
You can try emailing the parts connexion. The people who designed the transport 3 are there. Best of luck.
Hello Piero,

The advice from Jjh1425 is good advice. The problem you describe is not unknown in Philips transports. It happened to me with an Audio Research CD-2 with the Philips 12.4 transport. I took it to my local AR dealer for service. He said that technically the laser was within official spec's--somewhat marginal--but still within spec's. I told him I wanted a new laser anyway, even thought the machine would play 99% of my CD collection 100% of the time. He installed a new laser and the problem was cured. I think that the player even sounded better on all discs after than; but this could be psychological.

These kinds of problems are very frustrating! Good luck!!