Problem with Transition from MOG to Beats.

I was a MOG subscriber. It took the the offer of "2 free months of Beats". I have a login and password, and I can play it on my iMac.
BUT, I can't figure out to put Beats on my squeezebox touch, or on my SBT controller on my iPad. Can anybody give me some guidance? It's probably pretty simple, but I am not super savvy on computers.
Mabonn...Beats isn't available on the Squeezebox devices. I
have several and right after I heard the news that Beats
bought MOG, I contacted Beats to see if it would work on the

I was told that it would not, but they were in contact with
various manufacturers to see if they could get in with them.

Since Logitech has more or less abandoned the Squeezeboxes,
I think that Beats will never be, but you never know.

Here is the page with the info on how to put "new" apps on
your Squeezebox units:

Thanks for your reply, Mofi.
This gives me little reason to subscribe to Beats. I will probably not renew.
thanks, Matt