Problem with Supratek Chardonnay

I have owned my Chardonnary since early in 2003. Recently I have noticed that the sound breaks up in one channel when there is significant emphasis on high notes. This problem switches channels when I switch my preamp output cables but not when I switch input cables to the preamp.
I have tried switching tubes but this does not cause the problem to switch channels. I have cleaned my input and output connections. So now I am wondering if I have bad capacitor or some other part going bad. I would appreciate any input you smart folks can provide.
Email Supratek?
Thank you - that is probably the best approach. I was just curious what I might learn from others.
I had a different problem with my Supratek and thru exchanging emails with Mick at Supratek and a voltmeter he was able to walk me thru the repair process.
Is Mick still in business, has anyone heard from him recently? Tried to reach him through webpage & above email couple of times. No response yet. Need some help with my Chardonnay & looking for the schematic. Tks
I exchanged emails with Mick last week at the address Seadogs1 provided above.He answered my paniky email,and answered my techs email concerning repair on my Chardonnay.He also has a very interesting blog!Thank you Mick!
Seadogs1, Raytheprinter: Thank you, this is the same address I emailed.I sent my email last week as well; will try again!