Problem with subwoofer and Arcam ARV 300

Hi All,

I have an older (1994) Klipsch SW12 subwoofer and a new Arcam AVR300. No matter how I run the subwoofer out of the Arcam, I get no sound at all! The Arcam only has one mono out, and the Klipsch has R/L RCA plugs for In and Out. Is it possible these two are incompatible? The Klipsch worked beautifully with my old Adcom amp.

Help!! Or am I "forced" to buy a new subwoofer?

The SW-12 also has speaker-level inputs--use 'em. It will sound better that way anyhow, unless your main speakers need the crossover to filter out lows 'cause they can't handle it.
Rustler, make sure the subwoofer is turned on in the set-up menu on the Arcam AVR300. Hold the menu button down for several seconds on the Arcam remote control to access the correct menu. (make sure, of course, the remote control is on amp). If you only press the menu button once, without holding it down, you will access a menu with limited adjustments. Although you can further tweak the system with this menu, this is not the one to use to set up the system. The correct menu will have several options including advanced settings. For the physical connection, connect the subwoofer output of the Arcam (make sure you are not connected to the 7.1 input) to either the L or R input on the Klipsch subwoofer. Since the .1 channel is summed mono, it doesn't really matter which input you choose. Good luck. You should not have to purchase a new subwoofer.
line level is the way to use a sub.who ever told you to use speaker level is an idiot speaker level cannot even possible come close to the perfomance of a line level signal.maybe the amp in the sub is fried or a blown fuse.or you dont have the output on the arcam on in the sub out rca
Thanks so far. I don't have this hooked up to a tv yet; it's running my stereo system for the time being, so I can't use the menu options to help with this.

Also, how might I run through the speaker-level inputs, since the AVR 300 only has the single RCA out for subwoofer? I'm new at this A/V stuff; sorry if my questions are stupid.

Speaker level is the way to go. If you can. The timing with your main speakers is better. Once you get it figured out, try both. You will see for yourself. And, Wadia 150, have your ever even tried using speaker level inputs for your sub. I started using them with my first REL sub, which is how they recommend you hook up a sub. And have done it that way ever since. Much better.
Rustler, get the receiver hooked-up to a TV as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may be missing out on the true performance of the receiver. You can use the speaker level inputs, but by doing so, you will not be accessing the discreet channel of sub information on dolby digital or DTS soundtracks. Since you are currently using the receiver for stereo, however, I would agree with Azstereo about trying the hook-up both ways to see which sounds better. Depending upon how you hook the subwoofer up with the speaker inputs, you can either augment the front speakers (connect speaker wire from the left and right subwoofer input to the left and right speakers outputs from the Arcam; it is ok to double up speaker wire on this output, 1 pair to the front speakers, 1 pair to the sub) or use the high-level x-over on the subwoofer to filter out low frequency info to the left and right speakers(take a pair of cable from the Arcam left and right speaker outputs and connect them to the left and right inputs on the subwoofer. Next take a another pair of speaker cables and connect them from the left and right speaker outputs on the subwoofer to the left and right speakers). If the fronts are full range, simply augment them with the sub. If they are limited to about 100hz or so, use the high-level crossover in the sub. By all means, though, connect the receiver to a TV, even temporarily, to get the best results.
You folks are great; keep the advice coming. I really appreciate your care and expertise.

the rustler