Problem with start up motor on Aries??

If this were not the long weekend I'd call VPI but I figures I'd ask my friends here.

I have a VPI Aries with an SDS drive. Recently I have been having problems with start up. For instance, when I turn the TT on (it happened today) there was no motion on he TT. The plater didn't move. I had to start it up with a push from my hand. Huh?? And when I switch from 33 to 45 I have to do this ALL the time. It's just been doing it now more on start up at 33 and I'm concerned. BTW the spped is fine once it gets going.
If you have the directions for the unit, I know there is a way (some way to program the display via the front panel) to increase the start-up voltage in cases such as yours...

If not, perhaps someone else here will tell you exactly how to do it. My friend had a similar problem with his unit and Harry Weisfeld told him how to program the SDS, which worked out fine.
Getting a new belt stopped the same problem on my old Mark 4 (dressed up with Sama and TNT parts). But, I only use the old line conditioner PLC.