problem with Sony X707ES wont play a full disc

Does anybody here know where to buy a new drive mechanism for a sony X707ES? My player started acting up tonight and wont play a complete disc. it will play a few tracks and then stop, the counter then goes to zero and the remaining tracks are not displayed.
I once saw a post here with info on where to buy the complete mechanism for the X707ES but I can't semm to find it again.Any information on where to find a new mechanism, or how to solve the problem with the existing one would be great ly appreciated.
Something is inside the player that should not be there. I would take the top off and look at the transport area, look for a human hair wrapped around the lens area.
That alone could be the entire problem.
Play it with the top off.. see what is happening when it stops playing.

Thank you for your reply. I took the cover off the player and use a cotton swab to clean the laser, but that didn't help. if I shut the player down and allow it to get cold it will play a few tracks before it starts to distort the music and stop playing. it seems that there is something in the player that is breaking down as the player warms up because it will not play a full track after it starts acting up from a cold start.

When the player stops playing the counter goes to zero and the display with the remaining tracks goes blank, it wont play again unles the drawer is opened and closed, or it is powered off and on again.

The player is in mint condition and I wouldin't mind paying the $600+ for the new drive if I can find the source that was posted her some time ago. I think it was Alex Peychev who posted the source for the new drive mechanism, but I can't find that thread with the post in it.