problem with sonic link interconnects

Hi there

My L channel cable from sonic link is acting up> It causes distortion at random times on several occasions. It is passing signal just fine but when I adjust it(when it starts to distort) it stops or cuts in and out (the sound from the speaker)

These are "vermillion" solid core connects that attatch a fusion tube technology cd player and a cr technologies Romulus tube integrated.....otherwise sound is superb!!

any help would be appreciated


You may have a "cold" joint in the cable. To double check it is the cable, swap left and right channels and see if the problem changes side. Depending where and when you purchased the cables, ask the dealer/manufacturer if they can sort it out for you.

Regards, Richard.

might also be in the component itself, open it up and check the solder joints aate the rca connections, i see alot of bad conections due to stress on the jack itself.