Problem with Ref 5SE

I recently purchased a 5se and took delivery the other day. Did not get a chance to open it up until last night. Upon installing it into system I switched it on and after it warmed up, I was very much interested in hearing how it sounded against my current 27. After listening to several tracks with the 27 I switched pre's and after a couple of minutes playing a CD I got some noise, almost a loud static sound coming from the right channel. It was not effected by changing volume controls or input selector. It went away after 10-15 seconds and then returned. At that point, as it was late, I shut everything down and figured I would take another look in the morning.

This morning I removed the top cover and pulled and reset the output tubes and then the power tubes. I fired it back up and still had the 'static' sound but now it also had a humm, like an impedance type hum and constant. I do not believe that the humm was present last night as it is quite noticeable. 

The static type load noise seemed to have abated after the unit warmed up after maybe 15-30 minutes.

Can I assume that perhaps a tube was damaged during shipping? Do you ARC guys think a new set of tubes will fix this issue or am I looking at something more severe? Any additional suggestions to try and pin this down?

I rerouted the IC going to the amps to get them further away from source IC's and no help...

I am a little bummed, as my initial impression it that it is a leap from the LS27, my current...
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I'm surprised that your 5 se has no signs of heat distortion on top of the 6550 tube. When you put your hand on top of the 6550 is it hot?
Yes, it gets quite hot, as all the Ref preamps do. But the plastic top does not deform - it has plenty of ventilation.
Thanks for the information. It is good to know that my heat problem may not be as bad as I thought. When I installed the new tube set it ran as hot as it did when it was new four years ago. I'm going to take your advice and order a single 6550 and have it on hand to replace at 2000 hours.
One mystery that I didn't mention before is that my ref 5SE did not come with a plastic top, it came with a metal top. I like the looks of the metal top better, but the dealer says that the plastic top sounds better. I wonder if the plastic top lets the heat out better than the metal one. The metal top has the exact same pattern of slots in it as the plastic top on the dealer demo. Thanks again for your reply . It's good to hear from another 5 SE owner

Metal top hold in more heat. As metal attracts heat. Not so much with plastic. 
So...  For what it is worth...  I have had no heat problems with either my Ref 5 (metal top) or Ref 5se (plastic top).  Even had both in a media cabinet at one point, with only about 12” of head room.
Just sayin’.
Tanks Chip
This is valuable information. I am considering ordering a plastic top for my 5SE to help with the heat. Audio Research says the plastic top actually sounds better. This was one of the upgrades from the 5 to the 5SE . I  still don't know why mine came with a metal top. 
Thanks again Chip