Problem with rear firing bass port

Hi guys,

I have been offer a pair of Soliloguy 6.5 used at great price. I am really worry about it's rear firing bass port. I know normally you should place from rear wall minimum of 2 feet, but my exsiting room structure don't allow this. I can only allow 1 foot from the wall at most!

Is there any solution?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe if you could spread them out far enough, that way you could get more toe in angle. Maybe?
This will only be a problem at higher which if could pull them out a bit...just much is the offer? I wouldnt pay more than $500 myself
Hi Phasecorrect,

I take it you are not too fond of Soliliguy. Can you tell me why? They seems to have a pretty good rep around. BTY, it's a demo unit at $2,900. The new one sells for $6,130.
A good deal is NOT a good deal if you buy a speaker that won't work in your room.
While I can't solve your apparent problem of room size and speaker placement, I can offer one suggestion that will somewhat "tame" the output of the rear bass port. Years ago, I tried the following "tweaker's" suggestion, and found that it worked quite well to both reduce and tighten the output of the rear port:

Buy several boxes of plastic drinking straws -- ones that have fairly large bores (such as you'd use with a milkshake), not the little "stirrer" straws. Cut the straws so the length of each straw matches the depth of the port. Then assemble enough straws in a bundle to tightly fit the port, without crushing any of the straws (it helps to use a rubber band to assemble the bundle). Make a bundle of straws for both speakers. Insert the bundle of straws into the port's opening, and push the bundle into the port until the mouths of the straws are flush with the port's opening.

Filling the port with the sections of drinking straw adds resistance to the air being pushed out of the port, thereby reducing the output, and also tends to flatten the response curve.

If this solution doesn't help, you have only spent the cost of two boxes of drinking straws, and the "tweak" is easily reversible by removing the straws from the ports.
Thanks Sdcampbell!

I think I will try this!

thanks again!
Sorry...nothing against the speakers...I was thinking of a different could always do the sock in the port thing...kinda crude...but effective...also...getting a good deal that doesnt fit your room(as one poster mentioned) needs isnt ideal...good luck...
That is a great deal! In a perfect world you would have the room for them.Soliloquys really need some breathing room.They are some great speakers ,I hope your room will allow you to enjoy them.And please don't hook them to a reciever, they are ruthless when it comes to upstream components . Good luck!
Thanks Phasecorrect, a sock is an interesting idea!

Gmood1, I actually have a choice of the 6.3 & 6.5 model demo unit at less than half the price from a dealer, but I think I may just go with the 6.3 since my room is only 15' X 17' Thanks for your comment.
Hkrainman that sounds like a plan.Make sure the demo unit was manufactured after Aug of 2001.The Xovers were upgraded in the 6.3s to the same design in the 6.5s.They claim it improved imaging and tightened bass response.I have enjoyed mine and have no intentions of buying another pair of speakers for a long time.Happy Listening!

Thanks a lot for the tip! Never would have known this!
Also...u might want to contact Soliloquy directly for expertise...they might have a solution...such as plugs as one poster suggested...or maybe some damping ideas from others? Any thoughts people?
Yeap..that would be good.Call David Berman (president)and ask him . I'am sure he can help.He is normally hanging around there in the mornings and afternoons.His sister will most likely answer the phone and maybe able to help you.
Hey Gmood1,

While we are on the subject, I just found the worst review I've read on Soliloguy speakers at the following link:

Was the reviewer over the top? What do you think?
Yeah I saw that review.I believe it's from Positive feedback. I read it before I bought my speakers.But after listening to them myself.I figured the review was garbage.The husband and wife team reviewers believe there reference gear is better than anything on the market and some of their other reviews show this.This review was also done before the speakers were upgraded with the new Xovers. I have found out myself over the time of listening to them that the review pair couldn't have been broken in. The speakers will go thru phases before you hear the best out of them.I thought I had made a mistake when I first got them.But with some patience... will come great reward! The voice coils of the drivers are double wound and take alot of time to break in.I suppose it was designed this way so it could handle high wattage amps as well as be run with low watt amps.I have tried 25 wpc to 500 wpc and the 6.3s don't even break a sweat! I normally don't listen at loud levels but I caught a wild hair and put nearly 500 wpc into them.The speakers never distorted!!Have you every heard kettle drums at 110 plus db! They rattled the windows in the entire house!All of this out of two 6.5 drivers and 1 inch tweeter! I listen to all types of music.. mainly Jazz ,blues and classical.On some of the dynamic tracks these speakers will scare the hell out of you!There something special about hearing as well as feeling the sound waves on your face and body.If you look at the designers track record( Phil Jones). You will notice that this man is no dummy when it comes to designing speakers.There few companies that can claim that one person designed the entire speaker, including the drivers.
After trying different amplifications I found the Soliloquys are very sensitive to the changes.Some people like to blame the speakers for the bad sound they get,instead of making sure their source and amp are up to par.That's why recievers are out with these speakers.They are true highend and must be matched with quality components. If not they will let you know!

Thanks again! This is why I will take comments from actual user over these so called professional reviewers - ANY DAYS!

I will indeed check out the Manufacturer date on the 6.3 demo unit.

thanks again!