Problem with Quad II Classic

Just set up my new pair of Quad II Classic mono amps, with NOS tubes, and after one day of great listening, this morning I heard a hum out of the right speaker. When I looked at the amp, there was smoke or steam coming out of the amp, right around one of the Tung Sol KT-66's. Obviously I shut everything down and the Quad is going to make a trip to the shop--but anybody know what could have gone wrong? I dare not unscrew the bottom plate for all the dire warnings (in BIG print with lightning bolts around the text). Sob.
Oh yes--I had the amps (and my other gear) plugged into a BPT-2 power block. Could these amps not like that balanced power thing?
Sounds like you may have a shorted power tube. Usually occurs shortly after you turn on the amp. Puts on a light show some times if your watching, and you will usually hear a 'pop' thru the speaker. The smoke usually comes from the melting of a resistor in the amp. Since they are new amps no need for you to play with them, but this can occur after warranty expires (it does in many tube amps BTW) you can usually get it fixed by a local techie, or you might even learn how to do it yourself. Minimal soldering skills are needed.

BTW, the 'dire warnings' are for uninformed adventurers with wandering fingers who want to go into the amps immediately after turnoff before the caps discharge - they are dangerous. But so is jay-walking.