Problem with Primare I32 Amp

I recently bought a Primare I32 integrated amp from an Audiogon seller.  It worked great for a few months, but now I cannot get it to produce any sound at all.  
The warm-up sequence of the amp is normal, and I have checked everything I can think of from cables to source and nothing works.  
I had been listening to it last night without any issues but this morning when I went to listen to some music the sound was silent.  
Anyone have suggestions for me?  I did send emails to Primare and their U.S. distributor so hopefully I will hear back soon.  
Have you checked for blown fuse(s)?
I found a fuse on the board of the amp, which I checked visually and it looked fine.  I thought I should probably test it but haven't done so yet.  The fuse at the power plug should be fine since the amp powers up just fine.  Any other fuses I should look for?  It always makes me nervous to poke around inside of these things since I don't know what I'm doing.
Sorry snackeyp don’t have anything more for you other than to urge you to pull that board fuse and use a multimeter to check continuity across it. Good luck figuring things out.  I assume you've unplugged the unit for a while and tried to "reboot" it?


start w/ the fuse OP. Keep us posted as you figure out what is going on w/ your amp.
Contact Kevin Deal at Upscale audio.  He is the US distributor
I don't know what part of the country you're in, but I had to have a Primare SP 31 processor-preamp rebuilt. I sent it to Randy Vikan at Audio Elite in Western Washington state. He's also a factory authorized tech for McIntosh. He does a good job, and doesn't charge outrageous prices.

Hope things works out for you.
Switch to vintage receivers and integrated amps:

Sansui G9000, Pioneer SX 1980...1280...1080, 
Sansui AU317...

These units have schematics accessible for free and are serviceable if break.
Modern high end stuff isn't or at least it would be more than arm/leg to ship around for dealer or manufacturer repair.

Thanks all.  I did test the fuse and it tested good.  
I'm sending it in to Audio Elite today for repair.  They are the authorized repair center for Primare and they have been very helpful and attentive so far.  


Did you find out what the problem was?  My Primare preamp just started having the same problem.
An update- snackeyp ?
Any update snackeyp or bayguy?
Just in case anyone searches up this old thread; my Primare I32 goes into some sort of protection state when I unplug/re-plug it too many times in a short while. I have to leave it unplugged for about a minute and then re-try.
An update bayguy or snackeyp ?